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Properties in Spain, what is to consider?!

We inform, advise and support you from start to finish!

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Real Estate Advice for buyers and sellersGet informationen about the buying costs and what details and documents you need to look out for buying or selling.

We advice and assist broken and real estate independently, on current and future legislation, duties and rights of both parties. We will be happy to take over the complete processing of your pribvate purchase / sale.

Spain, especially the coast line like the Costa Blanca, is undergoing a real estate law and market change right now.

Property advice made easy

To make our advice comprehensive ans well-founded, we work together with a local notary and local Banks. This makes our information, legal and economic conformity.

With us, you will find service for renovation, security, administration and taxes, even after the purchase of a property.

Rebuilding, removal, renovation. Everything from a single source and with appropiate construction sites monitoring makes it relaxed and effective for you.

An alarm system alone may protect against burglars, but not squatters. A comprehensive care of the house with multiple presence per week prevents occupying it!

We have in our service offer you’ll find:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Rental Broker
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Tax consultants
  • Gardener
  • Pool cleaner
  • Electrician
  • Sanitary specialist
  • Mason
  • Painter
  • Property manager
  • Cleaning services
  • IT – Technician
  • Locksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Logo of the alarm system Safe4U with distribution in Spain about burglary protection Hancke

  • Security Service in the form of:
    • Alarm system
    • Control and monitoring services
    • Key services
    • High security lock-up systems
  • And much more


Spring Estates 2018 - Real estate and consulting in Dénia

Your real estate advice in Dénia, we work with the best and oldest real estate agents for you! ►

Real estate and consulting in Dénia

Real estate advice made easy!

tax advisors and real estate agents , we're both …

  • … We are looking for a property as you wish. You can make a pre-selection from our portfolio and contact us so that we make appropriate appointments for you, check and arrange documents and prepare everything for an eventful purchase.
  • … You send us your completed search form and we search for your criteria until you have 3 - 4 objects you would like to visit.

This means that you come relaxed to Spain to look at your selected property and then decide if and which you would like to buy.

In both cases, we will inform you about ancillary costs and documents you need, we will check for you and the seller, the correct and legal condition of the property and take care that the seller corrects everything that is not correct.

Both you and the seller will receive an assessment of what is feasible and what is not. In Spain, for a long time there were no, or only minimal, laws for real estate. And even what was there was just a rough guideline, not a steadfast law. Today it is completely different, everything has a regulation, or It is a rule found.

Therefore, it is quite possible that not all objects, all documents have and also eventuell not received because the then built houses had no rules. For example, the Energy Efficiency Certificate is not a problem, but it is usually bad. So-called "Wohnbarkeitsbescheinigungen" (A certificate that verifies and proves the habitability of the property according to baselines and exact regulations) for properties older than 1975, almost impossible. Even most fincas will not receive such a certificate.

Other regulations, such as sewerage, are firmly anchored in society, but can not be complied with due to the incomplete public network. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the details, because in Spain each homeowner must join at his own expense. If the house is within reach, then you can force the seller to connect, otherwise you will receive the request with registration of your deed and then they will. In Spanish law, we bought every property as seen WITHOUT possibility for hidden defects.

In our Advice section, you'll find articles on current topics and what's expected in Spain, both as a real estate buyer and as a seller.

Our notary writes the notary - Relevant articles with description and current laws for everything a notary in Spain may handle.

Our bank informs the general conditions about mortgages, account openings and investments. Understandably, personal advice is indispensable because every case is different.

Also for complete newcomers in Spain, under 'questions', we have a summary of the most important questions you can have (school, life, work, basic rights and duties, environment, infrastructure, etc.)

For every property owner we offer the possibility to check documentation and procurement. We are happy to advise you on everything related to a property in Spain.

In our offer, we also have the intermediation of any craft business that is needed around the subject of real estate:

  • Real estate Agents
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Tax consultant
  • Gardener and pool keeper
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Mason
  • Tiler
  • Administrations
  • Cleaning services
  • and much more.

You get everything from one source, that means, you tell us what you want to do, we strive for the most efficient and cheapest offer and accompany you every step of the way to the end of your project. At any time they have us as contact person and we take care of a smooth and correct execution of all tasks.

‘Last but not least’ – Our last service point is Computer Science and Web Design.

We provide a computer / laptop repair service , cost effective and efficient. We solve any kind of problems on your PC or laptop.

We help you to set up your tablet or smarphone and if there are problems we offer a repair service (not in our house). Before each repair they receive a cost estimate and this is exactly kept (no hidden or additional costs).

Websites of any kind are also reality. We offer both cost-effective finished systems via Wordpress and co. on, as well as completely individually designed pages according to their wishes. The subsequent optimization of the pages themselves (Online SEO) is also offered by us, a complete SEO package you can book with us, but is taken over by an external provider.

I hope you find it on our two portals – (Real Estate Consulting / Information and Computer Science) (Real estate portfolio consisting of private sellers and prestigious real estate offices in Denia and the surrounding area)

- Everything you need for your dream home and a (eventful) life in Spain.

Your Spring Estates Dénia – Team!


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